Contemporary womenswear brand, Fiowanbyvi has unveiled a new collection that might just leave you stopped in your tracks. Featuring beautiful bright colours from pink to purple, this collection is a celebration of the fierce and feminine woman.

In a press release, the brand creative director, Vivienne Effiom says that this collection is simply inspired by the Fiowanbyvi Woman, her DNA and what she’s all about:

The Fiowanbyvi woman is fierce and feminine…She embraces her femininity because she realizes that there is strength in womanhood. She is personable, stylish and is comfortable experimenting with styles and trends without compromising her own unique style. She is sexy, beautiful and confident. She is rarely worried about what others think which extends to all aspects of her appearance including hair, makeup, body alterations or however she chooses to appear to the world.

The Fiowanbyvi woman is strong and unstoppable. She is elegant, confident, compassionate, nurturing, humane and beautiful…She is whoever she chooses to be as long as she is happy and doesn’t intrude in the happiness of others.

She doesn’t need external validation to make her feel strong or worthy. She is graceful, elegant, powerful, sensual, feminine, and fierce. She owns her feminine attributes and gives herself permission to shine through. She has flaws but chooses to love herself not only in spite of them but because of them. She is fierce, She is feminine even in a wild world, She is you, She is everything you dare to be.

The design aesthetic is about sensuality, femininity and elegance. All cuts and patterns are made with the intention to highlight the natural shape of the woman wearing them, also to achieve a strong silhouette while channelling elegance, strength, poise, gracefulness and lots of feminine edge.

See more of our favourite looks from the collection below:

Brand: @fiowanbyvi
Creative director:  Vivienne Effiom @Vivienne_effiom