Hey BellaStylistas!

Thank you so much for all the love on the first part of my post on getting on PR lists! Last week, we broke down the ways to position your influencer pages in order to be considered for more brand gifting campaigns. Here are some more tips below!

Utilize Instagram to Be Discovered

Instagram is the best platform for connecting with brands, as it allows for discovery. Instagram Stories are huge at the moment, and over 35% of Instagram users share Instagram stories. We suggest committing to creating at least 2-3 stories a day and tag brands you would like to work with.

When posting directly to your Instagram feed, use hashtags that are specific to the products you are featuring so that those brands can find you. Check out the brand’s IG feed to see which recent tags they are promoting.  Don’t use the same set of hashtags for each post, try broadening your reach to create more opportunities to be found. Check out my Instagram @LouisaKinoshi where I occasionally post products brands have sent me to review as an example.

PR Companies are the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)

Try to develop relationships with contacts in the brands PR department or PR agencies so you can be on their “list” of creators that they refer to whenever they are looking to promote a product for one of their clients. Not only will you get packages, but you might also be invited to brand events. Follow the brands you like on Instagram and engage on their account by liking and genuinely commenting. If your content is good, hopefully, the social media manager will take notice and reach out.

Just Do It – Email the brands

After you’ve positioned your page in a way that brands want to reach out to you, make sure you create a list of the PR companies and brands that you want to work with and their contact information. Also, use LinkedIn to help find the right PR contacts to reach out to.

Send an email to the brand contact and introduce yourself. Include a media kit which includes some information about you, your followers/views, and niche. Give a reason why you are interested in that brand and their products.  Show them previous posts in which you have included their brand. Give them a reason why you would genuinely be interested in trying that product. Brands love working with influencers that are genuinely excited about their products.

Stay Courteous and Honest with Your Audience

Once you have established connections with brands, be courteous, respectful and professional. When a brand sends you something, make sure you send them a quick thank you email letting them know you received the product and when they can expect your review. When you post the product, send them another email letting them know with a link and analytics around the post.

Many PR professionals express frustration at influencers as they tend to be unresponsive and flaky. If you are a smaller influencer, you can set yourself apart by being easy to work with. If you don’t like the product, you can choose not to review it or you can decide to give it a bad review. Be honest with the brand about your opinion respectfully. NEVER be dishonest with your followers.

Hope you enjoyed this series. Being an influencer comes with the perk of free products but you need to work hard, be dedicated and strategic! In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips!

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