The industry’s biggest fashion houses, from Bridget Awosika to Tsemaye Binitie, have spent months perfecting their Autumn/Winter 2018 collections. And from March 23rd-25th, designers will get a chance to showcase their stunning designs in front of editors, celebrities and fashion aficionados at the Lagos Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018 Presentations.

Luckily, some designers have given us the opportunity to get a glimpse before it is all out. We are particularly looking forward to Maxivive‘s Glistening collection showcase, inspired by the effect of sunlight on water.

The menswear brand’s Wet 2018 collection takes a bold step away from its abstract Vogue-approved 2017 capsule collection in partnership with TIERs. This season, Papa Oyeyemi embraces opulence and nothing pours on the glamour like the use of a spectacular array of luminescent fabrics. According to him:

The idea around Glistening (characterized by the act of not listening to status quo, especially in event, intensity, or comprehensiveness of absolute positive self-awareness of oneself) is a foundation for the collection. The effect of sunlight on water seconds the inspiration for our wet 2018 collection. The subject is used arbitrarily in putting the collection together, either with severe colours collision, Hand-applied glittery beadings or the major use of water-resistant nylon polyesters. Various elements, of glitters and waterproof techniques, were pinned to the to the mood board, expressive colours, binding silhouette and daily wet season functional garment studies were generally infused.

The pieces are not your regular men’s matching sets and this sneak-peek from the lookbook remind us of the gender fluid stance of the brand, we expect to see a lot of floral/glittering elements, deep hues and out-of-the-box props dominate the lineup.

The main idea for the collection is drawn from the 1990s documentary Paris is Burning, which has been critically acclaimed for its aesthetic significance, chronicling a thoughtful exploration of race, class, gender, and sexuality in the 80s.

A simple design creation and infusion technique was employed in keying the inspiration into the designs with contrast, repetition and harmony widely used in creating the final designs and laying the fabrics out into pieces with shapes of fabrics, says Papa.

We are assured of another powerful collection of sartorialism combined with a new sense of awareness and look forward to another great show this weekend from Maxivive.

Photography: Kadara Enyeasi | @enyeasi.k
Model: Hype Man, Manolo Spanky | @Manolospanky
Creative Direction: Papa Oyeyemi | @papaoyeyemi
Stylist: Aize Paul | @Zpxnso
Makeup: Halid Razak | @Halid_razak