Austrian Lace’s six renowned lace producers: Getzner, HKG Embroideries, HOH Hoferhecht Embroideries, Oskar, Riedmann and Wilhelm Scheffknecht recently unveiled their latest fabrics in this new editorial.

According to the brand, the inspiration behind the editorial was to challenge the stereotypical attitude and to remove the stigma around lace as being restricted to traditional and older audiences.

Frances Ore, Campaign Lead, explains the target audience for this editorial:

The fabrics are to inspire pieces that put a modern spin on a conventional textile, ranging from lace suits to floral gowns to even elements of street styles that can build a connection with a younger audience following Austrian Laces’ decades of legacy.

Through this initiative, the brand aims to motivate a younger generation of creatives to define fashion on their terms. It strives to incorporate a valuable ecosystem involving partnership and innovative collaborations by highlighting why Austrian Lace has been, is, and will be the go-to fabric for all generations bringing iconic fashion moments from different decades to life.

See the collection below.



Brand: @austrian_lace