Inspired by the beautiful work of art Jamesetta Brisbane and her pretty daughter, Emme Mensah, created for Mother’s Day 2024 under the artistic direction of “Mind like Magic“, who tripled as the fashion stylist and hair artist on set, our Children’s Day tribute speaks to the selfless journey of parenting and raising children into strong adults.

In these shots, (Jamesetta) the Mother’s hair is styled like the fibrous roots of a magnificent tree while her cutie (Emme) wore hers like a blooming tree trunk.


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Pairing their artistic updos with fabulous Afrocentric prints that complimented their beautiful melanated skin, Jamesetta and Emme warmed our hearts with the proverbial Black Girl Magic. Their cover portrait as shown above resonates with this poetic piece:


I am my daughter and my daughter is me,
Through all of life’s hurdles, we are connected
I share her joy as much as her pains.

That which I have, I must pass on to her,
That she may flourish and bloom much better than I did.
Oh my child, my pride!

Lade Adisa

Take a peek behind the scenes from their shoot, hit the ▶ button below to watch:


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On Children’s Day, we spoke to Jamesetta, a preschool teacher/content creator who LOVES being Emme’s mother and all things fashion. She revealed some fun facts about her adorable daughter:

Emme loves to play dress up and loves math. She also loves to ‘put on a show for people’.

Emme also has musings about becoming an actor and with that confident face card she dealt us at the shoot, we can tell she’s got that star power within.

Happy Children’s Day!


In every child, there are seeds of great potential.

Plant love in their hearts,
Water them with wisdom.
Help them discover their unique voice,
Give them space to find their potential.

This is how their inner seed blossoms.

Jamesetta Brisbane via Instagram, for Mother’s Day (12/05/2024)



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