LaCreame Couture’s Aso Igbalode Collection is a fusion of elegance, style and tradition. Each piece celebrates the designer’s ability to blend tradition with innovation while balancing form and function.

The collection is sure to appeal to women who appreciate tradition, trends, and well-crafted pieces from the handwoven African “Aso Oke” fabric.

According to the brand, “the collection prominently features stylish Boubous and Kaftans made from the handwoven Aso-oke evoking a sense of style and culture: tradition and fashion.

One of its standout pieces is a chic Plain Blue Boubou decorated with a colourful Aso Oke at the neckline and adorned with tassels. This piece is elegant, classy, breezy and comfy, making it a perfect choice for Spring.


One of the compelling aspects of this collection is the infusion of the high-quality handwoven indigenous fabric popularly known as Aso Oke, i.e. Aso Ilu Oke which was originally worn by older people and the royal families. It has remained a fashion staple over the years and has been more recently used by Nigerian designers in contemporary pieces.

Aso Oke creates an inviting visual interest for the wearer to experience fashion, style and culture.

The choice of colours is a harmonious blend of vibrant colours: bright orange, rich burgundy, serene blues and subtle pinks dominate the collection thereby reflecting a transition of style and innovation.

The pieces in this collection can be styled with various accessories like hats, sneakers, jewellery, clutches, headgear, etc to create an impressive fashion statement thereby making them versatile and suitable for different occasions.


  • Unique and stylish Boubou that are both sophisticated and in vogue, feminine and timeless.
  • Beautiful vibrant colors that create a sense of depth and demure.
  • Infusion of the locally handwoven fabric “Aso Oke” into a timeless fashion piece.

Aso Igbalode by LaCreame Couture is not a regular collection considering the infusion of the timeless piece Aso Oke. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves trends, innovation, and a little dose of tradition. If this describes your taste in fashion, look no further.”