Scouring the internet for inspiration and that much daily fashion fix is par for the course – whether it’s on the ‘gram or your favourite style sites (hi BellaStylistas!)

The web is overflowing with sartorial inspo for everything from how to wear your sneakers, the latest in new design,  to the next cult buy you need to make in fashion or beauty. Here’s a challenge guys, instead of the typical Netflix binge or going down a rabbithole on Pinterest or Instagram- check out the best of YouTube!

We know, we know – most fashion girls are more likely to YouTube Falz’s This Is Nigeria or the latest celebrity vlogs or beauty guru tutorials but it is also an unexpectedly rich source of fashion inspiration for budding BellaStylistas. With everything from their latest hauls, styling tips to behind the scenes on press days and brand events, these are some of the fashion YouTubers you need to bookmark for your weekend binge.

Shirley B Eniang

Shirley B. Eniang, has an incredible collection of lookbook videos and tutorials that include everything from hilarious videos with her siblings to ‘9 Date Night Outfits’.  Although she’s far better known for beauty videos, her lineup of lookbooks from workwear to fun ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos you’ll be ready for anything events.

Patricia Bright

Fashion and beauty vlogger Patricia Bright breaks down her style tips into fun, visual diaries like her ‘A Week In Outfits’ feature and every month she divulges all the things she’s in love with in beauty, lifestyle – and yup, you guessed it! Fashion.

Nikki Ogunnnaike 

You may already follow Nikki Ogunnaike , the Style Director at – and while she is technically not a Youtuber – we are currently obsessing over her show on Online, IRL. It is basically a gem for frequent online shoppers, showing off what works and what is ‘Photoshop Magic’ from popular online brands such as FashionNova, BooHoo, NastyGal & ASOS.

Silvia Njoki

This chic Kenyan blogger is a growing force in the fashion industry on the continent but did you know Silvia Njoki also has a YouTube channel? We love that we can follow her travels and check out all her style tips and tricks in slickly produced videos featuring her covetable looks and enviable wardrobe.

Thithi Nteta

Come along with Thithi Nteta on her fashionable adventures as she takes her audience along on staycations at the coolest beaches in Kenya, hanging out at South African Fashion Week, and serves up flawless OOTDs at Coachella and vacationing in Joshua Tree.

Brett Robson

This South African vlogger, is by far the most consistent on this list, she constantly serves endless outfit inspo – whether its at home in South Africa or on holiday. Brett Robson covers everything from how to style lookbooks and hauls from her favourite stores.

This is Ess

For a lesson in minimalism with Kenyan flair, Sharon Mundia of This Is Ess is definitely your girl. She’d been away for a while and posted a heartwarming video about falling in love with fashion again. Look forward to curated how-to videos tand insider fashion girl tips to inspire you to get your wardrobe in order.

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