By now, your Instagram feed is overrun with a flurry of looks from Beyoncé‘s new Adidas x Ivy Park summer collection IVYTOPIA. Fittingly, South Sudanese-Australian supermodel Adut Akech is one of the faces of the new campaign.


Like previous collections, IVYTOPIA has inclusive and gender-neutral sizing clothes, shoes and accessories. This collection features four new shoe styles, cute swimwear for adults and kids, several hats, a reversible bomber jacket and more. Sizes range from XXXS-XXXXL.

In this new feature, Adut talks to ELLE Magazine about her version of utopia and how her hectic lifestyle necessitates an occasional escape.


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Read excerpts from the interview below.

On why she typically feels the need to escape:

Most days and I feel like everybody does at some point during the day. I feel like you need to escape for at least 10 minutes because life is hectic, and it’s a lot. It becomes a lot, being around different energies, different people, different environments every day—it’s a lot for me personally. At least once a day, I just go into my little world and come back.

On her favourite piece from the collection:

A favourite piece of mine is the khaki flowery bodysuit, really high-cut, with a bomber jacket. There are so many pieces that I really like. I like the colourways. I like the designs. So, I have a couple of favourites. The blue bodysuit is dope; the leggings and crop top are really cool too.

On what ultimate freedom means to her:

To me, the ultimate freedom is being fearless and unapologetic. And just doing whatever the hell it is that you want to do, not caring about anything and just being fearless, baby! To me, that’s honestly what the ultimate freedom is: not caring about outside noise and doing whatever your heart and mind is telling you, and that’s it.

Read the full interview here.


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