Nigerian model and activist Adesola Adeyemi had a discussion on mental health in the modelling industry last month at the Cornell Fashion Collective event, which took place at the prestigious Cornell University.

At the event, Adesola shared her perspective and experiences in the modelling industry.

She went along to address the strict pre-requisites for landing a modelling job, from the constant scrutiny of models to frequent rejection, competition, and lack of inclusivity, and how all of these could take a toll on a model’s emotional health and self-esteem.


She took to her Instagram page to further address the issue:

I had a fun time speaking @cornellfashioncollective event and @cornelluniversity students. I used the opportunity to create awareness on mental health in the modelling industry and also shared my sad experiences , I talked about issues and the culture of the industry that could affect a models mental health. I.e BODY IMAGE : The unrealistic model statistic, creatives having different opinions on models body, in which in turn all this can lead to disorders like , anorexia, bulimia nevosa, Body Dysmorphia etc, I also shed more light on REJECTION which is a constant thing models face often, leading to insecurity, self esteem issues etc.

 Of course another MAJOR topic I didn’t leave behind is DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY: Age , shape, size, sexual orientation, and color. TOKENISM is still prevalent in the industry. All thanks to the #blacklivesmatter movement which has created a shift in the industry. Thanks to activist pages and non-profits like @shitmodelmgmt @modelallianceny who hold the industry accountable.

We need brands that place diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the conversation like @savagexfenty. I spoke about how I protect my mental health and also how to make changes in the industry. The industry is evolving and moving in a better direction,I believe so much in the future creatives.Thanks to everyone who has given me this opportunity @cornelluniversity @cornellfashioncollective @onemanagement . I feel really honored.