After the ARISE Fashion Week 2019 shows, BellaNaija Style asked a few BellaStylistas in Lagos about their favourite collections this season and here’s what they had to say.

Ifeoma Odogwu

The shows and the display of talent, as usual were very exciting for me to be a part of, as a fashion lover above all else.
I was very happy to see many of the designers but these were my very favourite shows:

Tokyo James who I felt presented a collection that was extremely well thought out. Every piece contributed to the story and I especially loved how the collection was put out in terms of styling. One piece that caught my eye on a personal level, was a green asymmetrical shirt dress, we just connected and I was like. I’d wear that! Lol

Esteban Cortazar and Style Temple were favourites as well just for how cohesive I felt their collections were. I was very pleased with the neutral tones and soft colour palette in the former.

Papa Oppong’s galactic patterns on oversize silhouettes was very fun and presented a playful vibe which was refreshing to see.

Bridget Awosika’s knack for creating a collection where every single piece is covetable is why I admire the designer show after show, year after year, and she definitely did not disappoint. I feel like the pieces are a higher level of chic to what’s easily obtainable or aspired to.

If I had to pick one favourite runway all together, it would have to be the Kenneth Ize showing. I love that he balanced out the fanfare and seemingly overwhelming-ness of that many colours and stripes with shapes and styles that felt very easy to wear, well-tailored and flattering at the same time. That for me is incredible to see in a collection.

Kenneth Ize

Papa Oppong

Tokyo James

Nonye Udeogu

My favourite piece & collection are from two different brands I respect a lot.
The finale piece by Style Temple was a simple clean silk like dress/pants and it went so well as an ideal wedding dress for me
Favourite Collection? Deola Sagoe: The Short lush aso oke dresses
Special mention: I love, love how colorful & free the Asai collection is, my first time being introduced to this brand and I’m obsessed.

Deola Sagoe


Style Temple

Eki Ogunbor

My fave collection (even though it’s really hard to pick just one) this season, Wuman Brand did it for me. I could wear nearly every piece if made in my size of course. Honorary mentions would be Turfah, Tiffany Amber but most especially Style Temple.
The designers who stood out for me this season were Kenneth Ize, Deola Sagoe, Papa Oppong.
My favourite look on the runway this season was by Deola Sagoe . I LOVE the iridescence of her fabrics and this silhouette in a longer length is perfect for me sexy but covered self, haha! I also loved pieces from Style Temple.

Deola Sagoe

Style Temple

The Wuman Brand