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BellaStylistas should be no stranger to uber Atlanta based blogger Monica Awe-Etuk. The 6 year fashion blogging veteran and influencer is one of the most consistent bloggers working in the diaspora today. She’s collaborated with major brands like Christian  Dior, Draper James, Biossance, Fairmont, Reebok, Wella Hair USA and many more. She has been featured in multiple publications including but not limited to BellaNaija, InStyle, RedBook, People StyleWatch and StyleCaster.

Scroll down to see our rapid fire Q&A and learn some styling tips and tricks from this top fashion influencer!

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Describe your style in 3 words.

My style is classic, modern and fun.

Your style icons? One living, one dead.

My style icons are Kerry Washington, and Jackie Kennedy.

Do you think your hometown has a style and do you share it?

I have 2 hometowns; Toronto and Atlanta. My style reflects more Toronto. Toronto style is a little bit more fashion forward, hence that represents me.

Who’s the most stylish woman you’ve seen and why?

I know so many stylish women that it would be hard to fit them all into one interview

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What do you buy in bulk?

I don’t really buy anything in bulk.

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Right now I could wear Christian Dior for the rest of my life. I love their juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. The brands current style direction mimics my personal style

Favourite place to shop ?

My favorite place to shop would be Net-A-Porter

Favourite African designer (if you have one)

My favorite African fashion designer is Lisa Folawiyo.

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First fashion memory?

My first fashion memories are from watching my mom make clothes for my sister and I. Watching her created a love for fashion for me.

What would you never wear?

Leggings as pants.

What is your wardrobe MVP?

I have a few wardrobe MVPs. But I think my classic Chanel 2.55  in caviar and gold hardware is my most coveted because the size is extremely hard to come by.

When and why did you first decide to start blogging?

I started blogging over six years ago when I was on maternity leave with my daughter. I started blogging in response to friends and family mentioning that they wish they could take me home with them so I can help them with their style.

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How often will you wear a favourite piece in one season?

As much as possible. I have no problems with wearing pieces I love over and over again.

Do you have rules for how often you can repeat an outfit?

No rules whatsoever. Although I have an audience, I still dress to please myself.

Are you a wardrobe editor or builder?

I used to be a wardrobe builder, but because I received clothing so often I am an editor now. Holding onto items creates clutter and I cannot stand clutter. Plus it makes getting ready 10 times harder when you have too many items to choose from.

Trademark Accessory?

All the pieces in my arm candy.

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What made you feel like you were “making it” as a blogger?

When I received an offer for a collaboration and they asked for my rate. I spoke to my sister about it as I had no idea what to ask for and she said to ask for the highest amount I would think reasonable. I asked for the highest amount and times it by two and they accepted the offer without a blink. That’s when I knew I made it LOL.

Earliest style inspiration

My mother. Nothing beats a Nigerian woman’s style. I love how she wore traditional clothing.

Biggest blogger achievement to date

This one’s hard because I have so many achievements, and so much more to achieve. I have worked with so many amazing brands such as Tiffany and Co., Christian Dior, Neiman Marcus, Nike, Lincoln, etc, and look forward to working with many more

What are you buying this season to update your wardrobe?

I just bought the Christian Dior belt bag, and the Chloe Tess satchel bag love them both and they are a great addition to my closet.

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What’s the most expensive thing you own to date.

I think jewellery, maybe my bags

If you could only wear one piece of jewellery what would it be?

My diamond wedding band

Beauty saviour?

Water! Nothing helps your skin better than water and I believe in healthy beautiful looking skin.

Weekday Outfit go-to

A button down shirt, and high-waist pants.

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Weekend Outfit go-to

Cashmere sweatshirt, and matching sweatpants.


Favourite colour combination?

Black and white


How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings or in the evenings?

I tend to map out my outfits in my head, hence I’m usually done within 20 to 30 minutes.

How often do you repeat outfits or pieces?

It depends on what the pieces are. I don’t really repeat because I have so much to choose from, but if it’s an item I absolutely adore, or an outfit that has only appeared on the blog I will definitely wear it again.