If you’re wasting away in the cold or sweltering away in the heat, pining at home and praying feverishly for some well earned vacation time, what could be more amazing than indulging in a little bit of travel daydreaming?

Immerse yourself in these photos of fashion influencer Yemisi ‘Serrabellum’ Abraham’s impossibly gorgeous holiday break (in Lagos no less!). She reimagines the megacity with a plethora of images – from the requisite bikini shots to achingly beautiful beachscapes —not to mention her stunning fashion images— catch her enjoying delicious food, surprisingly pristine beaches and capturing a never before seen glamorous and chic Lagos.

On her Instagram the newly minted Away ambassador boldly captions one of her arresting images ‘Design the life you love.’ We agree Serrabellum, we agree. Especially if it can be as pretty as yours!

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