As Lagos Fashion Week 2023 commenced, the spotlight shifted to the dynamic and buzzing fashion scene of Lagos, which had been building anticipation over the past few days.

However, it wasn’t just the exceptional talents of the designers that captured our attention; it was the striking street style on display. It was the fashion-forward ensembles sported by the city’s style stars as they flocked to the iconic Lagos Fashion Week Tents to witness the unveiling of our local designers’ spring/summer 2024 collections. The street style this season exceeded all expectations.

During this fashion week, the streets of Lagos became a canvas for bold expressions of style. Vibrant maximalist colour palettes, audacious combinations of prints with solid and striking hues, the drama of oversized sleeves, the art of effortless layering, and accessories that made powerful statements collectively dominated the scene.

Lagos Fashion Week is not only a stage for designer brilliance but also a platform for the city’s sartorial creativity. Rest assured, we’ve curated 20 stylish street-style moments from LFW 2023 to celebrate this unique and captivating blend of fashion and individual expression.

Photography by @itsboye