Eponymous fashion brand Ugo Monye has unveiled its latest collection tagged Opulence.

The brand’s latest offering draws inspiration from the careful and intrinsic use of pearls, Aso oke and velvet. According to the brand, these materials represent affluence, substance, luxury.

According to the Creative Director, Ugo Monye:

I have used Aso oke and velvet severally on previous designs and collections. They have always been a staple in my creative work and recently I took a keen liking to pearls for their uniqueness and in the way they are. It’s amazing how it is viewed as feminine in its essence but in history, they were worn by royalty and given as gifts to dignitaries.

So for this collection, I needed to create a fusion of all these three materials of opulence and prestige to create magic. Showing also, that all three can coexist without conflict by virtue of what they depict, when worn, without the fear of looking “too much” or “too extra”.

See the collection below.



Brand: @ugomonye.official

Photography: @anny_robert

Styling: @thestyleinfidel