On the 1st of June Nana Konamah, founder of Pure Persona by Nana®. launched the brands new range, she was joined by media personality Anita Erskine and Youth and Children’s Advocate Eugenia Tachie-Menson for live unboxing sessions to unveil the new “Discovery Kit”. Following the launch we had a quick chat with the founder. Read the full interview with BN Style below.

BNS: First of all how are you? How have you managed with the COVID-19 pandemic ?

There is a great amount of uncertainty about this whole pandemic and it is understandable that we can all feel unsettled and unsafe. This sometimes causes us to become worried and increasingly anxious, so many things are happening. Whilst this vagueness may continue there are things that we can do to help manage our worries and anxiety, and be creative. Instead of problems we see potential, opportunities, and instead of challenges we see a chance to create solutions. Creativity can help us design products and grow businesses to build alliances between nations.

Tell us a bit about the brand

Pure Persona by Nana®,  is  a lifestyle brand embodies all that the founder Nana stands for: self-love and holistic self-care – starting with the hair care product 5 years after it was first conceptualized. The brand celebrates the ancient secrets of Africa passed down from generation to generation, and uses pure natural ingredients that empower the mind, body and enriches the soul for joyful living. 

We are literally inventing the future especially in times like this. What’s more, than the optimism to produce by finding new inspiration than can lead to a better mental and physical well-being because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Pure Persona by Nana® thrives on beauty, confidence and dedication to one’s self. It is inspired by the Akan Adinkra symbol ‘Sankofa’ – an adage that encourages the importance of reverting to the past in order to reframe the future.


What products are in the brands new range?

We launched ‘The Discovery Kit’ – power packed with Cleansing Shampoo, Caring Conditioner and Everyday Nourisher. Its portable nature ensures you can easily carry it along your trips to the salon or away from home. Sourced from natural ingredients, Pure persona guarantees to help your hair grow effortlessly while keeping it moisturized and chemical-free. There is no better combination that is intentional about your hair journey from the roots up. Love yourself, love your hair.

Infused with Shea butter, honey and innovation from black soap, the sulfate-free Cleansing Shampoo is formulated into a rich recipe that moisturizes your hair and gently lifts off dirt and build-up from the scalp and strands without stripping the crown of natural oils. Pure Persona by Nana facilitates the process of seeking that inner strength and beauty by providing products and a culture that emotionally connects everyone together as a community and represents change. 

Where can we find the brand?

For more details, follow Pure Persona on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and visit our website www.purepersona.com to order your Discovery Kit.