Our TikTok “For You Pages” are currently dominated by a lineup of trends including Latté Makeup, its offspring Espresso Makeup, the Brown Lip Liner & Gloss Combo, the Bold Blush look, and the captivating Strawberry Makeup trend.

This year revolves around two contrasting trends: minimalism and maximalism. There’s no middle ground. You’re either embracing the art of simplicity, aiming for an effortlessly stunning look, or diving into vibrant hues that instantly elevate your mood with a burst of dopamine.

Continue reading to discover the sought-after makeup trends of 2023, as curated by our beauty editors. This is especially valuable if you’re seeking additional beauty inspiration for this season.

Latté Makeup

Latté Makeup embodies a sun-kissed appearance reminiscent of a latté’s rich hues. This style incorporates bronze, tan, and brown shades that harmonize with your specific skin tone. While adapting the colours to match your complexion and undertones, the ultimate goal is to achieve a radiant and invigorated finish that exudes a caffeine-infused glow!


the “latte makeup” look has been my go to since i’ve started wearing makeup. here’s my version 🤎 #lattemakeup #brownskingirl #somalitiktok #fyp

♬ yes to heaven – Del Rey

Espresso Makeup

Espresso Makeup is the spin-off of Latté Makeup- it captures the essence of deep, intense shades akin to a strong espresso. It centres around rich, dark tones that evoke the spirit of this robust beverage. The palette allows for creativity, enabling you to experiment with various shadows and hues that mirror the complexity of espresso. The final look should mirror the depth and allure of your favourite coffee shot.


Who needs latte makeup when there’s espresso??? ☕️ #espressomakeup #lattemakeup #blackgirlmakeup #lattemakeupblackgirl #makeupgrwm

♬ Little Things – Jorja Smith

Brown Lip Liner & Gloss Combo

The timeless appeal of a brown-toned lip is undeniable, and while it’s a familiar style, its resurgence has ignited the online sphere for several months. Stemming from diverse variations inspired by the ’90s brown lip combination, this trend has taken the digital world by storm. This harmonious duo strikes a balance between definition and brilliance, resulting in lips that are both well-defined and irresistibly radiant.


I loveeee how this one came out! I just love love love gloss 😭 @maccosmetics chestnut lip liner @caliray lost & sauced gloss @essence.cosmetics bright on! gloss #lips #lipgloss #liptutorial #caliray #maccosmetics #essencecosmetics

♬ Inhale – Bryson Tiller

Strawberry Makeup

Hailey Bieber‘s TikTok tutorial on August 5 detailed her process for achieving an every day “strawberry girl makeup” look. Unsurprisingly, her tutorial sparked a trend, prompting other creators to share their own take on this fruity makeup style. This trend has gained immense traction, amassing over 23 million views on TikTok.

The “strawberry girl makeup” trend echoes the viral “I’m Cold” makeup trend from last winter. While the latter focused on a blush-intensive style with shimmer on eyelids and cheekbones, the strawberry look stands out by incorporating freckles to resemble the seeds of a real strawberry.


Another day another trend lol

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Bold Blush

Love bold blush? You’re in great company. This makeup look proves that the brighter your colours are, the better. It involves confidently layering and blending bold hues onto the cheeks, creating a captivating and impactful look that enhances facial features with a dynamic burst of colour.


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