South African womenswear brand Willet Designs Couture recently unveiled their high-octane capsule collection.

According to the statement of the brand:

We decided to have multiple launches this year in the form of individual capsules, this simply being [Capsule 1]. When deciding in what direction to go with it, we knew we definitely wanted it to possess a unique style, true to the brand – we don’t like to be held to a certain aesthetic therefore you’ll see very contradictory styles that are prevalent in the capsule, from the strong, tailored lines of a boxy suit to a soft and flowy printed maxi dress.

Even so in the models, we went unconventional. Some aren’t models by profession, you however would say that they aren’t. The most important thing to note is that we wanted this capsule to feel beyond South Africa, beyond what is accessible and regarded as ‘good’ here. We are glad it’s being received in the way it has because to some the items might seem unorthodox and far fetched however we haven’t been as excited about previous launches as we are about this one and the ones to come.

See the collection below.



Brand: @willetdesignscouture