There’s no easy answer to the lingering daily question: what should I wear to work? Especially if you are resuming back to the office after a long hiatus.

There are only so many skirt sets and pantsuits a person can wear without becoming fatiguing. There’s no doubt that tailored two-pieces have evolved to include oversized blazers, slouchy pants, and modern skirts. However, if you want to level up your look or mix things up, there are plenty of creative combinations you can try.

Keep scrolling to see the six workwear ideas that are both smart and stylish- You’re welcome.

Wide leg pantsuit+ Crisp white one shoulder vest:

Right now, it’s all about wide-leg pants, don a flared pantsuit and layer over a one-shoulder vest. Your colleagues will be asking for your outfit details.


Graphic Tees+ Blazer+Pumps

The juxtaposition of corporate and street is a great way to be unconventional and unexpected. Elevate graphic tees with a blazer and stylish pumps.


Jumpsuit + Heels

You need to add jumpsuits to your office-outfit rotation. Even though this one-piece is an off-duty favourite, you can transform a well-tailored style into a business outfit with minimal jewellery and sleek pumps.


Colour Combo

Transform your weekday mood by slipping on vibrant and playful pieces. Don’t be shy about mixing bold colours, like this red blouse and yellow pants.


Blazer+ Leather pants

Swap your classic trousers for bold leather pants that add character. A blazer with statement accessories completes the look.


Blazer Dress+Belt+Heels

To make your weekend dress work-appropriate, slip on a chic blazer dress. Accessorize with a belt and pair of heels for that outdoor-meets-boardroom look.