Entertainment lawyer and influencer Tomi Awoyemi knows a thing about looking impeccably chic. She is one fashion creative who isn’t afraid to mix vibrant colours. The style star has an affinity for pulling off all sorts of styles and always makes it feel put-together.

If you are seeking inspiration on dressing up for the week, look no further, we have rounded up seven stylish fits using Tomi as a style guide.


We are always onboard with a vibrant suit to help you get through the Monday blues.


A stunning monochromatic workwear fit could not be more perfect for a Tuesday.


It’s always a good idea to slay in pink on Wednesdays.


A well-fitted neutral-toned suit will definitely make the right impression in every room you enter.


We are always here for a look that transitions from work-to-evening hangouts effortlessly.


Brunch? Check! Dinner Date? Check! Picnic get-together? Check! It does not get more stunning and versatile than Tomi’s look right here.


Sunday activities call for high fashion, and Tomi served this look flawlessly.