Growing up in a mixed-faith home made Christmas an interesting time in terms of the decor in the house. Whilst we didn’t “deck the halls”, one thing was a given: we always had a Christmas tree.

I find Christmas brings out the decorator in everyone… the tree is often the biggest give away in terms of personal design style inclinations. There are those who go for the outright opulent/luxe/lush tree with no holds barred, whilst others opt for a minimalist approach. I can usually differentiate the lover of classic design from the modernist by their tree choice.

Another factor that should be put into consideration when choosing a tree is the respect it pays to the existing design or decor within the space. Matters such as height, width, colour, position, electrical power sources, smell and pine shedding (if it’s a real tree) should be well thought out. Your tree should emerge as something of a part of the family rather than the awkward short stay visitor that sticks out like a sore thumb.

In recent times I have however noticed a rise in what I would describe as the alternative Christmas tree: a departure from the traditional tree regarded as the norm. This decision could stem from the desire to be sustainable to perhaps the need to be an individual in this area as other aspects of design and indeed life.

Whilst I am not qualified to comment on the reasoning behind the choices, I would like to share some of the more interesting alternative Christmas trees I have recently come across on Pinterest.
PS: I had fun trying to name them as well.

A time for reflection?
Reduce, reuse, recycle anyone?
Anything but a spare Wheel/Tyre
Was this last year’s wrapping paper?
More than ten green bottles
How eggciting is this?
Tree of knowledge maybe?
Soft landing
Keep your lab goggles on
Just desserts

I told you they were interesting! Whatever Christmas option you prefer, please do have a very Merry Christmas and the most wonderful start to the new year. See you on the other side!

Photo Credit: Pinterest