The first time I heard Idris King’s Squad – I fell in love with it, but for a time I wasn’t sure who he was or where the song came from. There was some REALLY deep Insta-stalkage (which coincidentally ended up with me asking him if we could use his song for our holiday fashion film).

In conversation, the 24-year-old musician is super-chill and quick to admit he does better speaking than writing long essays. He comes across as thoughtful, fun-loving and confident. The French-speaking new artist is bold, but without artifice or affectation (he calls it ‘good arrogance’). The hallmark of someone who knows himself and is very comfortable with what he sees in the mirror, regardless of what the world has to say about it.

Idris King first came to wider public attention when his single, Squad, was used on an NdaniTV show ‘Lagos Big Boy’ and the wordplay in his lyrics (in both French and English) and easy melodies, are high-key mesmeric. The rapper, singer and producer is not only building his musical empire, but a lifestyle brand with merchandise, events and more.

90’sBabyLife is a loose collective of New Wave Nigerian creators, centred on mutual support and building exposure for all the participants, which may or may not necessarily have been possible on their own, building critical mass sorely needed by young up and comers.

This multi-platform approach is further evidence of his future forward approach to music and the business of it, and quite unlike the stifling silos that are par for the course, and have strangled a lot of budding talent on the continent.

You may not have heard of him yet, but you will.

Age: 24

School? Jiggy Institution of Jiggyness [We don’t know what this means either guys, but we are investigating. Lol]

Siblings: One Younger Breddren

Collaborations To Date: Brrr, some big and classy ones out next year, 2018!

What’s in the pipeline for your music?: Experiences that would blow the world away, 2018!

Where can we listen to your music?:

First Big Break: Feature on Wired Japan

Singles: Squad and Cruise (Both Available on Soundcloud)

Biggest Performance to Date: Felabration

How Did You Get Into Music: I walked in through the door and said wasuuuup! 

Describe Your Performance Style: A spiritual connection between the music and the people! (Honest and Passionate)

Describe Your Personal Style: Simple and Groovy 

What inspires you/your music: My ideas of a happy society.

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Credit: Instagram

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