So here’s your problem; you know (deep down, really deep) that you are your own woman crush but you have a hard time showing others. You were great for the job on paper but they didn’t believe you. Socially you want to be that butterfly but to others, you’re still a caterpillar. You want a raise but when it came to asking you were too afraid to assert yourself.

Feeling less than powerful is a very common problem – especially for women because we’re raised to empower others, not usually ourselves. We’re raised to give selflessly and to compromise because blah blah blah – file it under Womens’ Studies. Often our female icons, like Naomi Campbell or Angela Merkel are inspirations because they demonstrate what so many of us still don’t know how to do – demand what they want, kick down doors and get others to believe in them.

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But you can take back your power. You can learn to be more powerful and did you know even when you ‘fake it’ you will still ‘feel it’!

Check out 5 (scientifically proven) ways below in which you can unleash the more powerful you and then try the ‘power move’ of the week. Inspired by sumo wrestlers and the power pose mentioned below, this squat-style move will make you feel like a Dahomey Amazon as well as working those calves, glutes and core so actually making you stronger.

Oya let’s go crush something!


Speak With Power

Research shows louder voices with a higher pitch are associated with higher status and authority so not shouting, but elevate your voice strategically where you want people to pay attention.

Power Pose

Before an interview, stand with your legs and feet stretched out taking up as much room as possible. Your testosterone (a confidence hormone) levels will increase and your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will drop. Do this for two minutes.

Sit With Power

Sit up straight, your teacher would bark, but it was good advice. Sitting up straight actually boosts confidence.

Power Dressing

Forget the large shoulder pads but dark clothes and straight lines convey authority. Beyond that, clothing has symbolic meaning. Wearing the right ‘uniform’ may actually help you perform better at work. For example, scientists who wear lab coats make fewer mistakes and a stripper in a pantsuit is probably not going to make as much money as if she were more scantily clad.

Learn Power

Adult learning may boost your confidence whether maths, computers, art or a language. It also improves your health and actually when you know what you’re talking about, not just winging it, that’s incredibly powerful.