The world used to prefer skinny butts and just generally being as skinny as possible. It was only Sir Mix A Lot who sang Baby Got Back and made black women feel a bit better about our generally bigger butts.

But in a post-Kardashian world, the bigger the better. Butt implants are the hottest thing. Even African women now are going to the surgeon to have implants of some kind or another as evidenced by reality shows. And as women get older and their natural rotundness droops, they are running to have their butts lifted and tightened. The results are highly questionable. Kim Kardashian shocked the world when they caught a glimpse of her surgically-enhanced gluteus maximus without any filtering. Butt implants can be dangerous too. Women have died trying to get the perfect butt and it seems like women need to check what is being injected.

Cardi B recently admitted she has no idea what had been injected into her bottom to make it so lavish but it was probably ILLEGAL. She was left in terrible PAIN and her butt that LEAKED for days!

The only recommended kind of butt implant is the Brazilian butt lift that uses your own fat from elsewhere on your body, but all surgery has risks and actually you DON’T NEED surgery to improve your butt. They’re not like breasts which you can’t do much about. Buttocks can be reduced, enlarged or lifted with the regular and right kind of exercises. And really as you get older, you’ll want to be doing butt exercises anyway to support your back and make everyday movements easier beyond simply keeping a shapely physique. You’ll want to just be doing any and every exercise, let’s keep it real.

Call me the butt-whisperer, here are my top 5 exercises to improve your butt and then be sure to watch my Move of the Week featuring the lunge bounce, a tried and tested method for a more buttiful body.

  • Step-up

You can use stairs, a Stairmaster at the gym, a step if you can get one is a good purchase or you can use a sturdy box or low stool

  • Squat

What are squats not good for? Great for beginners and to tone up. Add weights to bulk up

  • Lunges

There are many different types of lunges that you can do to build a bigger butt. See my video
below for my favourite. Add weights to bulk up.

  • Pelvic Thrusts

Every time you push out your pelvis you are squeezing your buttocks and toning your butt. You can
lie on the floor and lift your hips as you thrust or try this exercise from girls gone strong

  • Twerking

Great for on or off the dancefloor. Twerking involves shaking your booty while you bend and straighten your legs. It’s not for the self-conscious but great for consciously building a bigger butt and so much fun.

Oya let’s go!