The Wedding Party’s over but the calories won’t leave?

Move of the Week: The Plank

For social media #BAAD2017 was the big fat Naija wedding of the year, or maybe the next few years.

It had everything, a great romantic script, a beautiful, blushing bride, a handsome groom and a celebrity guest list. Probably the guests were spoiled with wonderful food and champagne but when it was all over, guess what? The guests had to leave and take their calories with them. They won’t tell you that on Instagram!

Welcome to my new fitness and wellness column. As a journalist who has written and edited extensively about being well and with a personal journal as a mum of two and now a dance fitness instructor, I’m here to help you get the shape you want and feel fab!

Every Wednesday I will urge you to stop watching ‘the beautiful people’ on IG and take a good look in the mirror! Why can’t you become one of them? Small changes to your physical activity, diet, and mental outlook can make a huge difference over time to how you look and feel? Don’t you want to be your own #WCW?

Forget quick fixes and dangerous fads, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Trust me. Here I am just three months ago and look at me now! My secret, sensible eating and a LOT of fun cardio.

Follow me over the coming weeks and I will show you how to shed that baby weight, clear your skin, get a six pack, find inner peace and generally be a lot healthier and hopefully happier. Maybe you’re getting ready for your own #2018 wedding. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good time to get fit and healthy so what are you waiting for?

The move this week is The Plank. I chose it because it is easy to do at home in front of the TV and it is great for your abs and overall body strength. Without a strong core, you’ll always feel weak and be prone to injury. Everybody should plank every day for a minute.

Oya lets go!