If you’re tired of hearing “New Year, New You”, “Walking into 2018 like…” and anything involving #goals say AMEN.

Haha seriously, all these 2018 cliches are so annoying and mostly insincere. BUT – humour me just a second. It’s not a bad time to set goals and be committed. It’s just that they tend to come and go quicker than agbalumo.

Now is NOT the time to seek an imminent change in your relationship status, your body size or the state of your bank account. You’re just setting yourself up for major disappointment. Each time you set a goal, ask yourself – is it realistic? Are you being true to yourself? Or are you just buying into the media hype?

In my personal fitness journey I’ve made (and eaten) so many pie crust promises that I’m now super careful about setting goals for myself.

Here are three simple rules for making inspirational New Year’s resolutions that actually stick and don’t make you look stupid three months down the line:

  • Try something new

So this year I’ll be trying out different ways of keeping fit. I’m a dance fitness instructor and it works for me but I have the open-ended goal of seeing what else is out there and how it might shake up my fitness regime. I’ll be starting with TRX at Lostudios in VI, an innovative studio specialising in cutting edge workouts such as reformer pilates. TRX is the baby of Tony Rizkallah a certified functional trainer. I caught up with him for a test session. He has brought TRX to several gyms in Lagos as well as his particular philosophy on personal training. He is all about training that helps your body function better, not just force it into extreme body shapes. TRX is, in particular, an upper body workout using pulleys and your own body weight to engage your core, stabilise your body and improve your posture. It is challenging and stimulating and great for anyone no matter your size or fitness level.

According to Tony, it is much better than lifting weights in the gym which puts pressure on your back and can leave you with that hunched look if you overdo it. Follow him at @funfit.ng for TRX videos and more about functional training.

  • Celebrate who you already are

What’s your best feature? What makes you a great person? What skills do you have? Make the commitment this year to remember to smile more and show off your fantastic teeth if that’s what you love about yourself. Maybe you are a wonderful dancer – then get out there and do more of it. If you’re the best chess player you know, join or even start a chess club. Play to your strengths and see where they take you.

  • Make sure it’s fun

I’m a big believer in doing what’s fun. Life is short oh. I believe in the saying do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Choose challenges that leave you excited not afraid and which you would enjoy anyway regardless if you meet your targets or not. With this in mind, the move of the week to kick off the year is the Jumping Jack.

It will literally have you jumping for JOY. So come on, let’s leap into 2018 like…