They said Meghan was not a conventional bride, but Harry was hardly a conventional groom (younger, no career and still living at home).  Too often women are being told what qualities they need to be wives and girlfriends. It’s time to flip the script!  Women need guidance too on what to look for in a man. Women mostly like men for all the wrong reasons. Money  (marry for money and you’ll earn every penny). Looks  (never judge a book by its cover) and of course Love – (best saved for the popcorn and movie night – the greatest love stories are usually tragedies).

Actually, you might be better off looking for a gym buddy, for he will have all the traits an independent woman needs in her life.

Reasons to date your gym buddy


You had me at ‘Hold these weights’.    People who maintain their own fitness goals do not need you to kick them out of bed or build them up emotionally to face the world.  They are already doing it!  Exercising is relentless. The level of grit someone needs to get out there in the wind and rain is definitely someone you want on your life team. If he’ll do it for his fitness, he does it for you too one day.


…which is a great word.  Do you know the semen of fit men can make your children smarter?  Tests with mice have convinced scientists that when your man does more exercise, his semen carries molecules that mean your children will have better cognitive abilities and a reduced risk of mental diseases like Alzheimer’s. Turns out dumb jock = smart kids.


Beer bellies are not inspiring.  Neither is fighting over the last cookie in the jar.  But when you see your other half rushing off to the gym and looking amazing, it will inspire you to do the same. You will want to be better. You will reset your goals higher. As a couple, you will be unstoppable!

Creative and Romantic

So exercise creates endorphins and the love chemical oxytocin. With all these feel-good vibes circulating, he will be full of ideas for how to take your relationship to new heights. You’re going to feel so loved up.


Men who work out a lot are going to be more understanding of your issues. They know health is wealth and also hard work. They won’t take their bodies for granted or yours. They will be more patient and more dedicated. With them, you won’t feel such pressure to represent an unrealistic impression of womanhood because they’re going to empathize with your struggle too whether it’s about natural hair or breaking your cupcake addiction.

The Move of the Week is the Inner Leg Lift, that will have you sitting pretty while toning your legs to death.

Let’s go!