It’s the in-thing now to have your own personal trainer. Although it may seem totally glam, it’s not just for celebrities and the super-rich anymore. Yummy mamas (and papas) are signing up in droves to be whipped into shape (hopefully not literally!). But there are so many personal trainers, especially with Instagram. How would you pick one who is right for you and is it worth it? Read on…we’ve brought you three very different personal trainers to give you the ‘skinny’ on achieving your goals.

“Move your body to lose your body!”
An unapologetic lover of fitness, Ihuoma Nwigwe inspires thousands on Instagram @ihuoma_fit_life with her dedication and encouragement to those aspiring to fitness. She is a US health science major and has been on own fitness journey so she understands the struggle and now is a personal trainer a STRONG BY ZUMBA certified trainer instructing in various studios across Lagos.

You need to understand each client’s body type first and foremost before deciding on how you can transform and sculpt that body,” says Ihuoma, who engages her clients by actually exercising with them. As warm and passionate in person as on the Gram, it’s easy to see why she has inspired such a following.

A fun and balanced fitness ‘diet’”
One size doesn’t fit all! You need to do your research and be specific says @Eliteboxfitness owner and head trainer Rehia Giwa-Osagie. In just two years, his Lagos boxing gym has become a mecca for those wanting to pursue a professional boxing career or even just increase their fitness levels. Boxing requires a variety of components that need to be worked on in tandem, including but not limited to strength, coordination, balance, speed and flexibility.

It can tackle goals such as weight loss, abs and core strength, toning and functions skills. “The advantages of personal training are the bespoke nature of each session being tailored to your body and workload.

“I listen to my clients”
Sandra Awogboro @SandraOsaigbovo is a FIREP certified fitness trainer as well as licensed Zumba Instructor. You may remember her from Big Brother Nigeria 2006 and also features on Ebonylife TV and SpiceTV.

“Every client is treated differently according to what their body can take,” says Sandra. “I don’t do crash workouts, l am more interested in consistency and making it their lifestyle. Eventually, they will get the result they want and be able to follow through to keep it.

Our move of the week this week is challenging but strongly advocated by Elite Box as one that will help you build strength in your core and burn calories. The burpee made famous by athletes and navy seals will make you feel like you’ve won the war every day.

Let’s go!