Plus-size model and style influencer Stephanie Owusu is our muse for this week for good reasons.

The Ghanaian #BellaStylista has a simple yet chic sense of style. Her ability to play with colours has us obsessed. From perfectly curated colour combos to creative monochromatic ensembles, you can always count on Stephanie to deliver an endless stream of on-point looks.

Looking for some inspiration this week? We’ve put together seven stylish fits based on Stephanie Owusu’s style. Keep scrolling for a new dose of the week in style.


Don’t just stick to an animal print in your look — branch out and add a blazer. The duo will certainly make for an eye-catching ensemble.



As so many of you already know, an all-black outfit puts you in a win-win situation. This is the most flattering of colours, and when it comes to chic, it really can’t help itself – it can’t be beaten.



On Wednesdays, #BellaStylistas wear pink. Period.



A look that can transition from work to happy hour cocktails is a win-win!



On Wednesdays we wear pink, but on Fridays it’s DENIM. You can wear jeans on a casual Friday (yay!) if you follow these words: chic, elegant, and professional.



Workout in style. Chic workout gear can make all the difference when finding your motivation.



Step out in a cute dress for Sunday brunch.