Nigerian fashion brand Udiahgebi, known for its edgy and risqué aesthetics, is diversifying into swimwear in time for Spring/Summer 2022.

According to the Creative Director:

For this collection, I took it back to the years when I first discovered my love for mythology and storytelling. Efuru, Idu, and Anowa were some of the African classics I developed an interest in during my early years.

Being a child of Eastern Nigeria, folklore was an integral part of our cultural education. So I decided to base my debut swimwear collection on the two furious rivers of Oguta in eastern Nigeria, Ogbuide and Urashi. Beautiful long bodies of water with one oddity about them, their colours never mix. One green and the other a murky brown. According to legend, when the villagers tried mixing both glasses of water in a cup, it broke apart with the force of their rebellion.

We stuck with three colours for the collection, black and white, to depict the contrasting natures of Ogbuide and Urashi and neon pink for intensity.

As a designer, I’ve been fascinated by soft shapes and flexibility, which I tried to convey with my delicate panel work. With this collection, I would like to evoke nostalgia and re-awaken when our minds were still innocent enough to bend reality.

See the collection below.


Brand: @udiahgebi
Model: @victorychris_