Statement modern jewellery brand Symbols of Authority has unveiled its latest collection tagged Chief.

This collection features 8 new pieces including stylised bracelets, gele motif necklaces and statement earrings. Inspired by the ‘Gele’, a head tie worn by women in Nigeria, particularly the Yoruba tribe and it has since become an integral part of contemporary traditional style across the country. In contrast to the head ties worn in some other West African nations, it is usually rather large and ornate, and as a result, are associated more with ceremonial wear rather than day-to-day usage, although less ornate versions are worn in more casual settings.

The jewellery brand’s take on the modern ‘gele’ playfully re-imagines the quintessential Yoruba headwrap, at once sophisticated and playful, Chief is the latest covetable collection from the rapidly growing jewellery brand. Apparently, the founder’s personal history inspired her to reimagine and celebrate the uniqueness of this modern icon.

According to Isoken Ogiemwonyi, the founder and creative director:

My dual heritage constantly inspires me to explore both ancient and contemporary symbols of our culture. Celebrating and interpreting the ‘gele’ in a whimsical but recognisable way, was deeply satisfying. With its sculptural form and vibrant variations, the accessory is worn across West Africa, by royalty and the everyday woman alike. This collection Is inspired by all the Chiefs in my life, and it has been a work of passion and exploration into a culture I feel honoured to be linked to personally. I think it is such a powerful and modern symbol of authority for Nigerian women everywhere.

See the full collection below.




Brand: @symbolsofauthority

Creative Direction: @isokenogiemwonyi