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IamDodos & that Vacation Glow!

You absolutely DO NOT have to wait until Summer or the end of the year to plan a vacation, why don’t you just start planning now?

One of the most important things when making travel plans (other than from vacation style and outfits of course) is finance and these 5 fashion bloggers (who travelled to Marrakesh) have a few tips to help you save coins on your next holiday trip for 2018.

Kehinde Smith serving serious FOMO Vacation vibes in Marrakesh

IamDodos said;

Commit to the trip by either paying for your flight and or accommodation. I was so close to pulling out as the time just didn’t feel right but because I did not want to lose my money, I went ahead and I am so glad I did not cancel.


Fey said;

  1. Create a travel fund account where you regularly put a fraction of your income monthly
  2. Substitute the fancy hotel for a lovely Airbnb flat
  3. The more people you travel with, the less you spend! You’ll save on group activities at tourist sites and activity centres.
Split the costs on group activities
Buy a platter & split the cost!
Cheaper meals = Bigger smiles!
Kehinde Smith

Kehinde Smith said;

  1. Try to book your flight and hotel in advance as it is sometimes cheaper
  2. Going through a travel agency or agent is not always cheaper, look online for deals yourself, you may find something cheaper.
  3. Setup a travel savings account that way you know you have set aside funds for your trips and you’re less likely to touch that one [account] because it is separated from your saving account.
  4. Save a few coins by bringing your own airport snacks and favourite magazines. Snacks at the airport carry a heavy price tag sometimes.
  5. Try to book a hotel that has a refrigerator, a microwave or a kitchen. You don’t have to wine and dine every single night, cooking a meal with a few items from the market or a grocery store nearby could save you some coins

Nwando said;

  1. It’s important to save well and plan for a trip to a country like Morocco especially if you want to experience it all! I bought my travel tickets months ago so it was much cheaper than if I had bought it last minute.
  2. We travelled in a group so it made life easier for everyone because we split all costs by 5 people. I’d say definitely cut costs before your trip and budget about $750-$1,000 for hotels and experiences (minus your ticket).
  3. Change your dollars at the airport and get a travel card there for free and put bulk of the money in the card so you don’t have too much cash on you.
  4. Always haggle when buying things because most sellers would give you a ‘tourist price’.
No tourist price here please!

Princess Polo said;

Concerning how much money you need while in Morocco, food & shopping was relatively cheap. With 300 dollars (aside from your travel ticket and accommodation), you can have quite an enjoyable 7 days.