Let’s be honest, every time you open Instagram these days It seems as if literally everyone is basking in the infectious soft-life summer in Europe and you can’t help but get hit with that dreadful FOMO. I mean who hasn’t spent days dreaming about vacationing across the scenic cities in Europe?! What’s not to love about the stunning streets of London, the picturesque towns in Italy and the Greek Islands with their unique white and blue buildings and charming local traditions?

Further feeding our wanderlust, Nigerian actor Sharon Ooja Egwurube is currently on vacation that started from bubbly London to breathtaking Italy and we can’t help but keep our eyes glued to her every post on Instagram.

Here, we have put together for your viewing pleasure her Instagram diary as she journeys through Europe in premium travel style!

Touching Down in London in tasteful street style.

A quaint lunch in Paris. What else could you ask for?

Strutting around Greece in chic summer looks that we could not help but add to our carts!