Titilade’s Ultimate Style Guide: 6 Tips To Look Elegant & Classy Everyday

A timeless style is one that makes any woman look effortlessly chic, stylish, well put together and all-around fashionable irrespective of their age. Usually, when I ask my clients about their style goals and objectives during style consultations, oftentimes they respond with wanting their style to be either “timeless” or “classy”, which I personally believe is good for anyone’s personal style. Timeless style is definitely one to emulate because it is less expensive, sustainable, effortless and takes away the guesswork from getting dressed every day because you already have a style code.

A simple trick I believe people with timeless styles follow is mastering clothes that suit their bodies and sticking to it throughout the years. If you find yourself intrigued about what goes into achieving this timelessness some women seem to naturally possess, having studied a lot of them and advised a few people myself, here are a few rules I believe they follow:

1. Wear Flattering Clothes

A timeless woman is more geared towards finding what would flatter her body irrespective of if they are trendy or not. They have mastered their body type and so they only wear clothes that flatter their bodies. Ultimately, they understand that clothes that flatter the body make you look more attractive.


2. Don’t Focus on Trends

Timeless women understand that trends have a short shelf life so they try to avoid it, on the flip side they buy and invest in quality timeless pieces that are easy to pair, never go out of style and are great investments. Good examples include classic pumps, leather jackets, a white buttoned-down shirt, turtleneck tops, coat etc. This way they can be themselves and not get pressured in any way.


3. Always Accessorise

By now I am sure we know that accessorising is one of the basics of putting together an outfit, timeless women believe they do not need to over accessorise their outfits to look polished. Rather they opt for the principle of less-is-more by investing in simple quality staples like jewellery, bags, belts, scarfs, headbands etc. that will transition through different seasons.


4. Get Clothes Tailored

Timeless women always ensure that their clothes are tailored sharp and silhouette clean, thus they do not mind hemming the length of their pants, taking in the mid-section on blazers or adding a few darts to the waist of pants. Ultimately, they understand that a tailored outfit usually means that the cloth was made for you, so sticking to tailoring helps achieve that polished and fitted look.


5. Embrace Inspiration

They go through selected fashion blogs occasionally for style inspiration and creative ways to pull together a new outfit from what already resides in your closet. Some of them even look to the past for style inspiration in building their classic wardrobe


6. Keep Colours Minimal

They try to keep the colours in their wardrobe minimal as possible by sticking to classic neutral colours like black, white, navy blue, beige etc. and try not to pay attention to colour trends. For instance, they usually opt for an entire colour or similar undertones, which is a trick to elegance and looking expensive.


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