The age 30 has a way of calming and making women more focused and goal-oriented. Once you hit 30 you fully understand that there is more to beauty and style than the eyes meet. Commonly you hear sayings like “Your life starts to take shape at 30”, “You are not really 30. You are 18 with 12 years’ experience’’, “After 30 a woman becomes downright gorgeous” and so on. Certainly, in your 20s it was fun to explore trends, experiment with different things and discover your personal style, and by 30 most women already have a good enough understating of their body shapes, what styles they prefer as well as how to weave their personality into impeccable fashion choices. Having studied stylish women from across the continent, here are five (5) simple rules women over 30 follow, keep scrolling because these tips will help you shape your style journey.


1. Always Opt for Comfort

When shopping, opt for comfort when choosing your looks. Goodbye to old sayings of “fashion is pain’ or ‘suffer for fashion’ and the likes. Rather, think about yourself by saying no to items that make you feel any discomfort. For instance, I would rather go for kitten heels than a 4 inched shoe, or pick a leather jacket over a wool cardigan and so on. The goal, however, is to make ensure comfortable fashion choices are made and you still look stylish and confident.

2. Wear Subtle Elegant Makeup

There are a thousand reasons why women love to wear makeup – from boosted confidence, to enhancing appearance, skin protection, perfecting photos etc., definitely wearing makeup is worth it. However, when you reach your 30s, I would say allow your beauty choices to evolve, keep it simple and flawless. This is turn is sure to make you look more attractive and elegant. The popular saying ‘Less is More’ surely counts for something.

3. Wear Minimal Colours

Before now, it was ok to colour block, mix and match patterns and so on. But as the 30s hit wearing minimal colours becomes a sign of maturity and boldness. The common rule also is not to wear more than three colours in a look. Fundamentally, master your colours, identify suitable colours for your skin tone, and opt for more matured colours with softer tones like beige, nudes, black, grey, white etc., trust me you are sure to always stand out and look stylish.

4. Invest in Quality Fashion Pieces

Now is a good time to start investing in quality items. For instance, it was ok to buy fancy pieces of jewellery that would probably fade within a few uses, but if affordable, try investing in that long-lasting jewellery instead. Essentially, the goal is to invest in quality over quantity items, because they would serve you for years to come and make you appear classy.

5. Keep Improving Your Personality

You might wonder what a good personality has to do with being stylish, but the truth is it has a lot to do with it. With a good personality, you instantly become more attractive, you are more likely to look approachable, you get to receive compliments, and ultimately it helps you become more confident about your style.