In this world of style and fashion, there are certain items every woman should possess to consider themselves stylish or fashionable. Here are my top 10 items every lady should own to keep herself fashion and style-savvy. So do you consider yourself fashion-savvy? scroll down and let’s find out.

1. A Hair Dryer, Straightener & Thong

A stylish woman should own all these items and not only that, she must be able to style her own hair when necessary.


2. Nail Polish…. Lots of It

Besides going out to get your nails done, every stylish girl should have her own collection of nail polish she can always use by herself.


3. Well Organised Closet

Every stylish woman should have an organised closet that enables her to easily identify where her clothes, shoes and bags etc. are.


4. A Long Mirror

A fashion girl should be able to look into a mirror and see a full view of her every day look, it helps her to know how other people would see her out there.


5. Your Signature Scent

Nothing beats the ability to walk into a room and be recognised by a signature scent, every woman should naturally have this.


6. A Good Pair of Sunglasses

From elevating an outfit to creating a crème and classy chic, this is very major and every lady definitely needs a good pair.


7. Makeup Kit

Besides having great makeup items, every fashion girl should be able to do her make upright.

8. A Classic Black Handbag

A stylish woman should have that handbag that would go with all of her outfits and nothing says that apart from a classic black handbag.


9. Signature Jewellery

Pieces of jewellery are instant outfit elevators, hence every fashion girl should know have signature jewellery that works for her.


10. A Sewing Kit

(Safety Pins, Needles, Thread, Buttons Etc. Every stylish woman should be able to fix a rip or popped button etc. on the go, especially during an emergency.

So having gone through the list what would you rate yourself?

10 items:Fashionista
8 to 10: Upcoming fashion girl
5 to 8:Baby fashion girl
Below 5:God dey!