The kind of occasion always dictates the dress code, and undoubtedly for some women figuring out the right outfit for every event can be daunting at times, especially if it is not the type of gathering you have been exposed to. Nonetheless, it is still expected that you show up wearing the right outfit so you do not look awkward. In today’s article, I will share my six (6) go to steps when deciding the right outfit for any occasion, especially those that I am not familiar with.


Identify the Kind of People Attending

Once you confirm you are attending an event, be it a wedding, religious ceremony, dinner party, casual party, whatever, the first thing I would advise you to do is try and identify the type of people you would meet there. This is important because, it gives you a sense of how dressy, upbeat or laid back you should appear. For instance, if you were to go to a party where old people would be, there is just no point wearing stilettos, using so much makeup, and so on, it just would not fit into that type of gathering.

Find out What People Wear at such Events

Secondly, you need to know what people generally wear to such events, and this can be done by conducting some research, for instance, use google or ask people around you what the appropriate outfit should be. When you get your answers, you are not expected to copy the exact outfit, but this gives you some idea of what to work with or if you have a similar look in your closet that can work for you.

Consider the Venue

The venue of the event is very important because it gives a sense of the kind of fabric to choose from and what to expect in terms of the quality of people and the atmosphere. For instance, an outdoor gathering might require you to carry a jacket just in case it gets cold, or even wear more comfy shoes; whilst some indoor gathering with lots of people might require that you dress light in case it gets stuffy and so on.

Go for Subtle Looks

After all, is said and done, and you have decided on the outfit you would be wearing. Ensure it also qualifies as being a subtle look, especially when you were once unsure about what to initially. This basically helps you stay safe and honestly you can never go wrong with such looks because you become more admirable.

Own Easy/Versatile Outfits

This is a trick that always works for me, and that is adding easy/versatile outfits into my wardrobe. Everyone needs them because they fit into any occasion, good examples are black jumpsuits, and dresses; you can wear them to church, birthday parties, weddings, family dinners, neighbours party, children’s parties etc. need I say more!

Always Accessorise

The power of accessorising cannot be overemphasised, nice clothes alone would take your look from o %-50%, but good accessorising takes your entire look from that 50 % to 100&. Basically, whatever you wear for any occasion be sure to accessorise appropriately and your looks are always going to be on point.