BNS: Why did you start your line ?

I started out DZYN at first to express my creative side through fashion. As time went on, people began to identify with the brand & the rest is history.

BNS: Who is your favourite celebrity or influencer to work with? 

Kika [Osunde] Good Hair! Everytime she wears our clothes, it directly
translates to inquiries & sales.

BNS: How would you describe your label?

Fun, Embracing the Feminine Appeal, Boosting Womens’ Self Esteem and
making women see the best in themselves.

BNS: What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

A white shirt. It’s versatile & timeless.

BNS: Who is the DZYN woman?

She’s free spirited, adventurous, happy to express her femininity.

BNS: Where do you get style inspiration?

Art, movies, magazines, old Hollywood glam

BNS: Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?

@Coueleurconcept (Abidjan)
@shopandplay Abuja

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