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Let’s be honest, you are never fully dressed without the perfect shoes. You can quote me on that.  We at BN Style have mastered how to avoid having bad shoe moments as much as possible. Trust us if you have these different types of footwear in the bag and can give them the best right mix, you will never have to go through that moment anymore.

See below 5 footwear types that must be in your wardrobe mix:



TBH, no one can really boast of a wardrobe without a pair of slides in the bag. See it as a rite of passage into manhood. Slides are one of the most comfortable fashion items on the planet and they are very easy to wear. After a long day at work, slides will always be your saving grace. You could wear them in the house, on an errand at the grocery store or to the beach (when that time returns) and rest assured of comfort.



The perfect pair of sneakers is any guy’s best friend. They are useful items that can elevate a look from formal to casual in seconds. After a long day at work all you have to do is slip them on over your favourite work trousers and shirt and you are set to head out to that trendy bar for drinks with the boys or party you’ve been talking about all week.

Slip-on Loafers


The best item to give you that semi-formal feel is definitely the slip-on loafers. Be it heading out to work or for a slightly formal event on a weekday, a pair is what you need for the right blend. From the boat shoes to the loafers, slip-ons continue to prove to be very handy for every guy. Rock them over a polo shirt and chinos and be sure to get all the attending at any outing.

Derby Shoes


You probably might have at some point called them “daddy shoes.” But the classic derby shoes never go out of style. They are a gentleman’s essential. They are also the perfect comfort booster. Looking to nail that board presentation on Monday or wedding guest style on Saturday? Give your derby shoes a good shine and be sure to achieve that.



Nothing beats a good pair of brogues to make the perfect statement on a good outing. Every guy looking to have his fashion Wow! moment should own at least a pair. The brogues are also very versatile. They can be worn over both cotton pants or denim. Looking to make that perfect statement this fashion season? You definitely must try out the brogues.