The Lady Vodka Wore The Daring Floral Trend You Haven't Tried

Florals and polka dots are the staple prints that herald summer! And BellaStylista, Jennifer Oseh has found a way to put two of our favourite trends together for the perfect outfit.

She paired a bold polka dot white and black top with floral print shorts that featured dominant pink and green colours. The trick she used to pull this was allowing all her accessory choices grow from the dominant colours – a green structured wooden bag matched a pair of strap up pink and blue sandals.

Both pieces from her brainchild Wild Kulture were complimenting fabrics which made the outfit easier to pull off. She finished her look with a red and black flower crown, statement crucifix earrings and trendy cat eye sunnies.

The Lady Vodka Wore The Daring Floral Trend You Haven't Tried

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