Through her personal Instagram and her collaboration with BellaNaija Style’s ‘gram, Lagos based stylist, designer and all round fashion girl Jane Michael Ekanem snapped some shots of some of the freshest and greatest art on display at Sao and the Muse 3. The third outing of the status quo ending art exhibition and immersive experience ended but the memory never fades. Their reputation for disrupting Lagos’s best sensory experiences and de-mystifying modern art is pretty much confirmed.

See the #6Rooms experience through Jane Michael’s eyes. We promise it’s worth it.

What did you think when you were asked to collaborate with Pop Artii?
When I was asked to collaborate with POPARTII, I had mixed feelings because I haven’t collaborated with other brands in a long time. I was scared of both creatives clashing and all but I had to challenge myself to have a positive mindset and be a good team player. At the end of the day, it was a blast. When I suggest and they oppose, I let them have their way. When it doesn’t go their way, I tell them ‘I told you’. When it goes their way, they tell me ‘we told you’. This made it actually fun.
Have you ever been part of an art exhibition before?
No I haven’t. I have never been but because it was Fashion related, I knew it would be a success. When it comes to fashion, I believe so much in myself. I believe I can fly a fashionable plane (laughs). I also enjoy exploring new things. It was a different experience from the regular thing I do.
What were your first thoughts when you came into the event?
My 1st thoughts when I came into the event was how I was gonna leverage on such opportunity and make a banging positive impact. Thankfully, we did make a HUGE impact and that alone for me is an achievement.

How did you guys come up with the concept of Ulo?
Thanks to the POPARTII team. Kiel came up with it. He suggested and straight up, it hit the medulla oblongata. We all agreed to it and ‘Ulo’ it was. Or should I say it is as the memories never fades.
What other installations/art caught your eye?
The car by Osa7, Farabale’s art (getting everyone involved), Heaven by 512, Paradise, the paintings… EVERYONE outdid themselves. Oops, I almost forgot the live musical studio by DJ Aye. And yes, the food was great. I know it wasn’t part of the exhibition but the food kept us alive!!!!!
Were you surprised by the reception from people?
Let me sound humble, yes I was. Of course not! Sao Cafe was intentional about the awareness and publicity. Besides, the whole idea was to get the crowd to come so 1st, the muses were carefully selected… Every muse in episode 3 was a sought after.
Would you be part of this event again?
Wouldn’t you ask me to go see a doctor or a shrink if I said no? Of course I will do this again and again and if it means collaborating again, I will do!
What were your main inspirations when creating Ulo? 
My main inspiration creating ‘Ulo’ was the urge and hunger to create beauty from ashes. Knowing that we had to beautify props gotten from scrap was inspiring.
Describe the event in your own words.
My own words, it was a world of art… a world of different people coming together and speaking one language called art!