Future Face Global’s 2023 Grand Finale, held at the prestigious Royal Box at Cube 65 Mikano Building in Lagos, Nigeria, marked the triumph of two outstanding models: Jeff Ugiomoh from Nigeria and Fatou Kebbeh from The Gambia.

This glamorous event brought together A-list celebrities and fashion enthusiasts, creating a spectacular showcase of the incredible journey of 20 finalists carefully selected from a staggering 36,000 applicants worldwide.

Jeff Ugiomoh, representing Nigeria, and Fatou Kebbeh, representing The Gambia, not only demonstrated exceptional performances and unique styles but also embodied the youthfulness that aligns with Future Face Global’s commitment to discovering the next generation of global supermodels.

Aged 17, the young winners exemplify Future Face Global’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent in the fashion industry. The star-studded night was made possible by the generous support of sponsors, including Aquafina, Mikano Motors, Cube 65, Saris Signature, Whispering Angel, and Ecobank.

Elizabeth Isiorho, the founder of Future Face Global, emphasized the significance of diversity and inclusion in this year’s selection process, stating, “The whole reason for creating Future Face was about changing lives.”

Jeff Ugiomoh and Fatou Kebbeh, as part of their remarkable achievement, have secured a two-year modelling contract with a top international modelling agency and a two-year modelling contract with Beth Model Management.

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