Accra Fashion Week is scheduled to celebrate its 5th year anniversary in December 2021. The nationwide designer exhibition is set to take place from the 10th to the 12th of December, at the Memory Lane Art Park, Accra.

This year will mark the 5th anniversary of Accra Fashion Week. Since its inception in 2016, the four-day fashion event has quickly become a highly anticipated show, to the delight of fashion lovers in and outside Ghana.

Fittingly, Accra Fashion Week will feature some of the nation’s most celebrated designers and brands. Names such as Nallem Clothing, Yvonne Ex, Red Cotton Boutique, Bri Wireduah, Mikoko Deluxe, and designs by, alongside international brands from over ten African countries.

There will also be a showcase from international fashion labels namely: Clavon Leonard from the USA, Impari Moda from Germany, D’Marsh Couture from Jamaica, Mark Johnson from the UK,  amongst others.

This year’s event will take on a twist to its usual structure, merging themes of cocktail with a flamboyant runway, a spectacular celebration of everything that has made Accra Fashion Week special to lovers of fashion and style.

The organizers have promised that Accra Fashion Week will commence its bi-annual schedule in 2023.

Designer registration is still ongoing and more details can be found on