This new editorial curated by The Colored Girl and photographer Joey Rosado recently caught our attention. Tagged “Daughters of the Dark, Sisters of the Night“, the photos feature African models Khoudia Diop and Nyakim Gatwech basking in the magic of their black skin.

According to the curator, the campaign is about Sacred Spaces, Self Love, and Sisterhood.

sister, let go…
don’t let them fill your head with lies
we know the truth
come let me show you
remind you
who we are,
born of the night,
with darkness so sweet
that only beauty can live here… let it sink into your soul
and remember who you are

– irrevocable

when i heal myself, i heal you too
when we heal ourselves, we heal the world

– symbiosis

and when the world gazes upon us
in wonder and awe,
let them
they are just trying to understand
our magic,
beauty & power


without darkness, we cannot see the light

– dichotomy

real love isn’t perfect
nor is it always balanced
but sister we can try


sister, it’s okay to rest here
take off the heaviness of the world
and let my heart be a haven for you
a sacred space
for you to breathe, sweetly

– home

don’t be afraid to lose yourself
this is how you find yourself, too

– lost & found

daughter, open your heart and heal(thy) self

– be well

Photography: @islandboiphotography
Creative Direction@the.coloredgirl
Words by @srvj