Mykonos, the daring rebel of the Cyclades, comes alive between 1 am and 5 am, echoing the vibrant energy of Ibiza.

Amidst its captivating beaches and lively party scenes, Mykonos shines as a fashion-forward icon. The island transforms into an enormous catwalk, setting the trends for summer style. Tourists from all corners of the globe flock here, mingling with effortlessly fashionable celebrities who grace this chic destination 24/7.

A case in point is Temi Otedola, who recently made a style statement on her Instagram while in this vibrant city. She adorned a magnificent LOEWE multicolour tube dress inspired by the ‘Living Nature’ series of the Spanish surrealist painter Maruja Mallo. The stunning outfit perfectly complemented Temi’s radiant skin. With sky-high strappy heels, curly braids, and soft glam makeup, she elevated the look to a whole new level.



Photography: @arnoldjerocki

Makeup: @thefacefairy