Gbubemi Fregene and Lala Akindoju have a lot to celebrate this year; the couple marked their second wedding anniversary on September 20. In honor of the day, Fregz and Lala  shared romantic messages for each other on their individual Instagram pages.

Hmm @lalaakindoju let me just thank God it’s you and God, sparking fires with me. Growing and learning from you actually rocks. It’s a lifetime achievement of mine.” Fregz wrote alongside a cute photo of the couple from an exclusive shoot in Abuja. Still learning sha because let’s just say you my love are A WOW but me sef be WAWU.. We WU each other to destiny! Thankful for the year of two. Multiplication in every good form comes to us.We would cut through life. To succeed in every form of success. Grateful for where we are. Excited for the future. Love Intentionally Always.

Lala, meanwhile, shared  “One thing I was genuinely worried about was when I was getting married was if Gbubemi and I would build a solid friendship in addition to being lovers…” she wrote. “Today, I celebrate 2 years of friendship and romance with the best guy. I thought I was extra, but this guy is the winner and he’s always whispering things in my ears… especially when I want to be serious!! Sometimes the devil wants you to hush and not publicly acknowledge God’s goodness…but I’ve learnt to always shout with a voice of victory. So…Hand in hand, music on our feet, Holy Spirit within, forever has got nothing on us. As @ebuka always says, “I like the version of myself when I am with you”. Jesus is in our boat“.

The high-profile couple wed in a breathtaking ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018. . Ahead, see Lala and Gbubemi’s heartfelt second wedding anniversary shoot:

Photography: @ebuka_mordi

Lala Akindoju in @cinnamonlagos