It’s that time of the year again when we are escaping and jetting off to our favourite picturesque cites. But in a hurry to get out and bound for the airport, we could sometimes forget, and for others, not know the most essential items that must be in our travel luggage.

And that is why we’ve created this list, to help you know what your top priority should be as you pack, lock and bound your luggage, en route to your vacay destination. Be it Ibiza or Zanzibar, these items, certified by our BN Style experts, are all the modern man needs for the perfect summer holiday.



You say! There is no such thing as a summer vacation for the modern man without a pair of short-shorts in the bag. You’ve been working out all year or you’ve not, who cares? Now is the time to show off those toned legs.

Be it with bae or the boys, the short-shorts gives you the freedom to move your legs, say when playing volley by the beach or hiking on a 5,895 meters high mountain in east Africa. Plus, it’s also one of the best things you want to caught in by the beach. Why? Because it’s what you should be wearing.



Absolutely yes! Slides are great to have this season, especially if you will be the island tourist. Slides were made for the beach or the poolside. It also is very comfortable and easy to take off and run to the seaside if need be. And you don’t want to be the one who slows down the party, taking off shoes and having to put them back on. I don’t think so.




A summer vacation without a camera? Sure, if you want to prove to the world that you are the happiest single, socially awkward guy on the planet. If not, it never hurts to keep you Instagram followers inundated, craving their own vacay. A good camera is what you need to get the Instagram photos that will score you all the likes, follows and maybe a bae this escape season.

Cuba Shirt



A solid must-have in the vacation bag, this one. Cuba shirts are the modern man’s best friend for a safari or party by the pool or on the beach. You name it. The neckline is lower than your regular shirt making you suck up more sunshine and not be hot all day. News flash, humidity has caught up with all of us.




Going where? A vacation this time of the year without sunglasses? Think twice, bro. Nature is inevitable, but you sure can use it to your advantage and, the way to do that right now is with some good sunglasses. While out and about in your getaway destination with the ray of the sun in full bloom, some sunglasses are maybe your only saying grace. Plus, it also is a good (maybe the best) fashion piece this season.

There you have it guys. These are the travel essentials to get you in the right spirit all summer, either by the sea listening to some Johnny Drille or partying by the pool. With these essentials on your list, you can rest assured of the perfect holiday experience.