It is the season of love, and talented photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke and his wife Nanfe Jemimah Oyeleke, a drop-dead gorgeous model, have been on our couple crush list for a time now. The two are a perfect match made in heaven and turn heads every time they step out. This time, however, for Valentine’s Day, the pair are kicking it back and having a love-filled, laid-back celebration. Yup, Valentine’s Day looks different for everyone, just like every relationship.

According to them:

Valentine’s day is a celebration of the idea of love, and not just romantic love but love for family, self and everyone around.

They shared their go-to looks for Valentine’s Day:

We’ll be rocking regulars from our wardrobes; casual, comfy and functional.

In response to the question of what the perfect gift for this special day will be, Emmanuel wrote:

We have given ourselves the perfect gift of devotion, what more could we ask for? But sha, she can like to surprise me oooo! Lol…

Is there a plan for how they will celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We don’t have specific plans now, suffice to say, some plans fell through earlier, so we’ll spend the day wherever it meets us, and we intend to be intentional about love to ourselves and others.



Muses: @emmanueloyeleke@mimzbee

Photography: @ahamibeleme

Makeup: @t.alamodebeauty

Styling: @fayo_thr

Hair: @inudidit1