Rising ready to wear brand Neemjah has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection tagged Mau. The collection is inspired by one of Africa’s largest forests – Mau Forest in Kenya and ranges from dresses in vibrant colours, to chic leather pants and even comfortable and stylish loungewear.

According to the creative director Obi Jacqueline;

The forest has always been a great example of inclusivity as there are different trees with differently shaped leaves, producing different fruits. Animals, insects etc and we humans are very similar to the forest and her inhabitants.

We come from different backgrounds in various shapes, heights and sizes etc. However, there’s been a lingering problem with body size when it comes to the womenswear industry. No matter how beautiful an outfit is it’s worthless if it doesn’t fit. Also, on the issue of plus size outfits not being designed as good as those of smaller sizes we’ve listened, observed and this has influenced our creative direction over time. Whatever your length and body type, Neemjah is devoted to going the extra mile in ensuring that we deliver to satisfy you! running on a preorder basis has made this very possible because that way we don’t end up wasting fabrics as we aim to be a 100% sustainable brand in the nearest future.

Each design sourced and made in Nigeria by the hands of sartorially advanced ateliers influenced by the wide range of forest inhabitants. Names after beaches across Africa.

See the full lookbook below

Brand @neemjah
Photographer: @peterusmanphoto
Creative Director: @obi.jacqueline
Hairstylist: @1193_nhs
Makeup artist: @ufelimariam
Models: @obi.jacqueline @lily.v.peters @tubbievanessa @zubairhaddasah @mamthegreat