Successful YouTuber and fine babe Sophia Idahosa takes a necessary trip back to the motherland in Africa to rediscover herself and get back her groove. She vlogged the journey and shared a significant part of her video diary with her audience on YouTube.

Watch as she explores some of the lovely places to visit, relax, eat, get some much-needed self-care, and hang out with some of her famous friends in the beautiful city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Sophia was seen in the company of popular Nigerian celebrities including Burna Boy, Uti Nwachukwu, Iyanya, Swanky Jerry, #BBTitans Marvin, and Sharon Ooja Egwurube. She rocks Afrobeats in the clubs with Naija’s unmatched DJs and also has her sacred moment in Church. Sophia also shares her harrowing secret struggle… 

Find out how she went on a date and fell in love on the first day of her trip in this interesting vlog. Bon visionnage: