Somkele has done it again, and we are sure sister Andrea Iyamah is as delighted as we all are with the end result. In the final leg of Awards Season, she showcased why the black-on-the-Red-Carpet fatigue that some of us might be suffering from (or is it just me?), can be invigorated and made exciting again, you just need the right dress, and it helps if your real Sisi-Of-Life AKA designer Andrea is on speed-dial to do the needful.

This classic en-route to the groove shot, the groove in question being the ACTRA Awards in Toronto, already had the vibe of someone who knows they have completely nailed it. Floor length, daring side split, form fitting, a sexy bodice which had the requisite sparkle, an element of peek-a-boo cleavage via mesh, the finished look was a complete A+ effort on all fronts.  Even robing with a short rather than long coat was inspired and showed she was committed to not ruining the look with vagueries like staying warm. The subtle barely there jewellery and small box clutch allows for the dress to do all the talking and the Aquazurra Wild Things sandal, an ultimate party shoe if there ever was one, are the perfect accompaniment.

Once at the event, Somkele didn’t dull and made sure she posed with a suitably sharply dressed gentleman for perfect shock-and-awe effect. L.A. Reid more than kept to the brief in a perfectly cut single breasted suit and kept things modern with a tie rather than a bow tie and a slither of white pocket square. Top marks too for the hair and make-up; Somkele is a classic if it ain’t broke why fix it kind of girl, and when your bone structure is as sculptural as her’s there is no need for the contour brush.  Same goes for the hair, the centre part and pulled back natural is a case of “my Afro is full and fabulous, you can either player hate or just appreciate ” and has become something of a sartorial signature. The strong but natural brow,  and subtle eye and lip is all this fine-girl-no-pimple requires to completely finish them with this simply stunning look. We applaud, salute and look forward to the next outing Somkele and as for Andrea with a sister this gorgeous, how profitable must this Red Carpet designing matter be? Sister-Muse rocks it. We all want it. Beg, borrow, save and  buy it. And Repeat.